PowerUP Leadership


Because it shouldn’t take this to get traction on key enterprise initiatives or put a deal together

How top innovation leaders use business psychology to grow their position and create wealth — instead of settling for what fate, inertia, adversity or defensiveness have in store

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PowerUP Imagination


Because you shouldn’t be the only one to see past dark clouds when you ask what more is possible

How fast-track high-potential leaders wow’d and woo’d investors – mobilized executors – forged win/win/win alliances to accelerate wealth creation at enterprises like…


PowerUP Accountability


Because it shouldn’t be treacherous to rely on other departments to deliver advances and innovations

Can you rely on others for Level 5 support?
Level 5 Get others moving
Level 4 Find innovations
Level 3 Follow directions
Level 2 Act if prodded
Level 1 Complain and protest
Level 0 Avoid, go passive

PowerUP Connectivity


Because you shouldn’t be the only one to bridge silos and co-ordinate diverse enterprise efforts

Fun — joy — possibility — hope — confidence — skill
Every workshop — consultation — rehearsal — scrum
gives you a can-do forward-looking perspective —
even when we get to the heart of serious or contentious issues —
To light a candle, not curse the darkness.

PowerUP your Matrix


Because thickets, volatility and complexities shouldn’t make it so hard to profit from bright ideas

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Lead from the middle with courage — accelerate wealth creation — get the best thinking from investors — executors — advisors — users